Why call upon a (graphic) designer ?

To build a house one calls upon an architect… eventhough it's not he who stacks the bricks and casts the concrete.
For their corporate branding, major companies call upon professional designers and advertising agencies, whereas small companies and self-employed people tend to see printers or sign makers directly. They hope to obtain a good result at a low price. This often proves to be an error.
People working in production departments simply execute what is being asked, without further questionning, because their machines must run. They have limit the time "lost" in design…
A designer is like an architect: his task is to analyze the needs of his client, to listen and to advise him… while respecting his budget.
The creative process can start when the frame "message - target - media - budget" has been set during briefings and meetings between designer and client.
Once the design is approved and project on track, my mission is to supervise production, control quality and packing/labelling, and organize shipment.
I often hear: "you take a commission on production, which means I pay more than by addressing contractors directly". This is a false opinion: my sub-contractors know they have limited set-up costs on my jobs because the files are complete and professional. Contractors are responsible only for the technical aspects. The amount of business I give them means I get better rates… from which you benefit in return.

Of course, you may choose to handle production yourself after receiving the print-ready files. On the other hand, letting RHD design & advertising manage the whole process, gives you triple security:

  • I take full responsibility for production and shipment;
  • correct prices and a full service without surprises;
  • the assurance of a professional creative work delivered upon schedule.
Contact me today and let's talk freely about your project.